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On the Blues Highway from Crack-up Poems, Crack-up Songs

On the Blues Highway

Why is it always fatal to read
Poetry first thing in the morning?
Never go near Mary Oliver,
Not if you’re in mourning.
If she starts with “If the world
Were only pain and logic, who would want it?”
You are damned and in for it.
Get out of her Singapore
And that tragic toilet she talks about.
Never follow her into the Pinewoods
Where she follows the sleepy deer.
When she wakes, she is alone.
So am I, my prayers cold as stone.

There comes a day,
No matter what they say,
When the road takes a turn,
And you land on the Blues Highway.

Do you love music? Can’t it carve a place,
A place so real you could live there?
It is good that we cannot stay.
We must turn and click the button,
Click the button, so another song will play.
What do I hear on that crazy radio,
On the ride out on the Blues Highway?
Well, the Blues, of course.
Sista Monica “If you ain’t comin home,
Then leave me alone and let me moan.”
But there’s another station comin in,
And it has played all day.
Guitars, Fado, Blues from faraway.
Darlin, darlin, let the words say,
“With a rose…I danced with whoever would dance.
I danced…|
The rose
To pieces.”

That’s where poetry can take you,
When there comes a day
No matter what they say,
When the road takes a turn,
And you land on the Blues Highway.

You better work or it’ll get worse,
But how to face the task, you ask.
Ask the Blues. Ask Fado.
Ask Monica. Ask Mariza.
But never ask Celeste. She won’t hear.
She’s dancing with a Rosa Blanca.
Don’t try to speak when she follows the deer,
The dysfunctional deer who walk the world
Of only pain and logic,
And where, In their sleepy trance,
They step into her dance.