Email from El: Other Plans

How many stories like yours are out there? I ran into one yesterday. Parker Int’l is the manager of the shopping center where my store is at present. Because we are vacating, they sent a “new” woman out to walk through the site. We got to talking and I found out she was 3 months new with the company. Her husband, now-ex, is a lawyer, married 22 years with 3 children. She ran his office until he walked in one day and said he had “other plans.” I asked her how he met the “other plans” and she said Craigslist. Is it just too easy to hook up with someone via the internet? There is no resistance; it’s so sterile, until lives are damaged forever.

But like Dan, this guy has a no look back attitude. What does that say to the children? I am so glad to hear that Max has some help available in the short term (I had arranged for Max to see a counselor.). It’s so hard for guys to talk about their feelings anyway, unless they are testosterone-laden for a girl, and there’s a great word for that kind of talk. I couldn’t help but think of you and how many other women out there who have Internet-ex husbands. May their phones fail!!!   Love, El

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